Word Power: Amplifying vocabulary instruction is a new book by Kelly Ashley, outlining the 'how' and 'why' of high-quality vocabulary instruction in the Foundation Stage, Key Stage 1 and Key Stage 2.  This unique approach to vocabulary learning has been developed and refined, drawing on evidence of what works and synthesising the impact of Word Power strategies used in primary schools across the UK since 2016.  The Word Power approach is built around the following foundational ideas:

1. UNLOCK word and world knowledge
2. POWER-UP expressive and receptive vocabulary
3. CHARGE and RECHARGE language to strengthen word memory over time

Word Power offers ready-to-use ideas to empower pupils as they explore, investigate and discuss vocabulary, in context, whilst also building teachers' subject knowledge of how to help pupils unlock the power of words.  Word Power is NOT a 'word of the day' resource, but rather a dynamic tool with advice and evidence-informed ideas for analysing new words encountered - helping pupils to understand how to harness and effectively utilise the words encountered for different purposes.

The heart of the Word Power approach are the eight Power-Up word learning strategies, each linked to the exciting WORD POWER LEAGUE of vocabulary superheroes, perfect for engaging pupils in word learning.  Visit www.kellyashleyconsultancy.wordpress.com for more information about the Word Power League of vocabulary superheroes and to order your copy via PayPal or school invoice.